Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary

04 Jul

The CEO of Ryanair is Michael O’Leary, a highly opinionated businessman(photograph by World Travel & Tourism Council, distributed under a CC-BY 2.0 license). In latest news, O’Leary expressed disdain towards bicyclists. The Chief Executive Officer is also highly opinionated on the airline Ryanair. He has already stated his goal is to not “irrationally piss off customers” anymore as well as stating that previously, the airline didn’t give a shit about its customers, due to the fact that the airline has cheap tickets and is on time.

Concerning his business of Ryanair, he has brazenly done advertising stunts to draw attention, though numbers have increased since he changed the airlines mentality concerning how people actually feel about the airline.

Michael O’Leary is Confident on The Economy

Michael O’Leary is one of the wealthiest people in Ireland. Ryanair is also based in Ireland. Extremely confident in his airline, he claims Ryanair will be the second largest airline in Germany, right next to Lufthansa. Confident on the economy, O’Leary stated that Lufthansa’s low priced airline would eventually fail, due to its competition with Ryanair’s prices. Ryanair has a philosophy of low prices. Apparently, the outspoken man says his children thinks he is stupid! Then, continues to state that at that age, if children don’t think you are stupid, they are not going to go anywhere.

Simply put, Michael O’Leary says things that people generally only think, but don’t say due to political controversy. Regardless of personality though, the CEO of Ryanair is CEO for a reason. His business has implemented new ideas to better accommodate customers and as stated before, not irrationally piss everyone off.

Michael O’Leary is fighting for the British to stay in the European Union

Michael O’Leary is now fighting for the British to stay in the European Union. Originally he was against the European Union because they consistently prevented him from buying the other Irish airline, Aer Lingus. Now though, he is pushing for Britain to continue its involvement in the European Union do to Ireland’s economic ties with the United Kingdom.

Ryanair not only is advertising on its planes but also through the internet and is urging its travelers to vote to stay in the European Union. O’Leary states that there are few sensible reasons not to stay in the Union. Though, a hypocritical statement due to his previous statements concerning the union. He is not the only high baller to try and persuade the people to remain in the union.

A re-occurring statement from Michael O’Leary is to “shoot them”. Not in the literal, sociopath sense, but in a begone with these people kind of way. He has stated that all the bicyclists in Ireland should be shot, environmentalists that want to influence air travel should be shot, and that travel agents should also be shot. All these people that should be “shot” are people that are not worth his time or money.

Though crass, Michael O’Leary says what he thinks and runs one of the top airlines in Eastern Europe. It does seem too, that he is caring more about what people think, concerning his airline at least, and is not against advancing towards a better future.

Note: We are not associated with Ryanair Mag in any way, except that we fly it a lot and are part fans and part critics.