Ryanair New Upgrades and Baggage Charges

03 Jul

New Baggage Charges at Ryanair

The baggage charges at Ryanair are changing. Dwindling the number of payment options down to 6 from 108, the changes are meant to make things simpler, though not exactly as inexpensive as before. Though some people would pay more for their luggage, the downsized options will make it easier for people to gauge the cost of their flight, unlike current policies that use the time of day to price a piece of luggage. Now, as stated on Ryanair’s official website, a passenger may have a free second carry-on bag.

Pay Attention On: New Upgrades

With new technologies coming out every day along with the use of smart phones, a new application allows passengers to “auto check-in”, reserving their seats and allowing customers to add a bag or change seating, etc., via cell phone, tablet, computer. The application will later allow travelers to buy parking tickets, transfer airports, and include location based information via cellular technologies.

Furthermore, after years of shunning the thought of a loyalty program, now customers may receive discounts and free airfare as part of the program, depending on how often the passengers fly. The program is specialized for each individual passenger.

The airplane itself has more room for knees and limbs, thanks to Ryanair’s newest airplanes.

Ryanair’s competitor, easyJet, has lockers for passengers with medical supplies. Ryanair itself, allows medical supplies on board as well as the usual carry on, free of charge with a Doctor’s letter.

New Customer Satisfaction Guarantees

Ryanair is implementing new customer satisfaction guarantees. Out is going the old saying of “We are cheap and we don’t care about you” and in is coming something… well a bit kinder.

Customers matter too and now that Ryanair is asking its passengers to give instant reviews, even more new upgrades might be expected. With the competition holding strong, and getting the customers who were chased off by Ryanair’s old policies, the new Chief Executive Michael O’Leary implemented some serious changes.

Now, Ryanair’s goal is to not upset the customers, keep the prices low, and make some changes, continuously. Growth is necessary for business and change is necessary when the competition is winning, by taking the people who don’t want what is being offered. Well done Ryanair for changing its ways and taking in to consideration the people who are buying the cheap tickets and riding its flights. Due to the increasing number of passengers who got tired of the exceptionally bad service, Ryanair is and has changed its policies, practices, and customer satisfaction ratings by implementing these new services and upgrades.

Now, the flights are worth the money, business for Ryanair has increased, and people are arriving at their destinations. This business is doing its job and making the trips more enjoyable for the people who ride these flights. Not only more enjoyable but easier to book flights, change flights, and also price out baggage.

Note: We are not associated with Ryanair Mag in any way, except that we fly it a lot and are part fans and part critics.