Explore Ireland by Cycling – Including The City of Dublin

03 Jul

Note: In the last 10 years, cycling in Ireland has increased by 125 %.

Due to many people living within a 3-mile radius of downtown Dublin, many people choose to utilize a bicycle instead of motor vehicle. In fact, it is recommended to ride a bike instead of other means of transportation. Not only is it healthier, but a simpler way of transporting oneself to the destination in an efficient manner. More countryside gets seen, more air is breathed, more muscles used. There are many hostels and places to crash in Ireland for cyclists that don’t prefer camping. Rarely is there a charge on ferries for bicyclists.

Ryanair Charges for a Bike and Other Options

Now, to bring a bike on a plane is a different matter. Ryanair charges 60 – 70 euros for a bike to be flown to the end destination. The CEO of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, despises bicyclists. In fact, he has stated that all bicyclists should be “shot”. That does not stop Ryanair Airline from allowing passengers to bring their bikes on board though.

Though, in Ireland there are many bicycle shops where it is possible to rent a bike, short or long distance. Eurotrek Raleigh and Ireland Rent-A-Bike are two of the national bike rental businesses in Ireland. There are at least 3 rental shops in Dublin.

Network of Bicycle Paths

The fair warning concerning biking is that Ireland has wind, hills, and windy hills. It seems that the street engineers went for direct routes instead of comfortable winding roads. Exercise is healthy though! There is a network of bicycle paths that goes through the United Kingdom and Ireland. These paths are designed to be a safe road system through the countryside and suited for tourists. Also marked for their intensity, the roads can be a short, medium, or long distance. There are bicycling clubs, tours, and shops all throughout Ireland. It is a big thing! A bike costs around 15 euros a day, can be delivered right to a hostel or place to sleep, and comes with small accommodations such as a helmet and lock.

An Active Part of Ireland’s Culture

Though technological advances have allowed people to transport themselves in a more time efficient way, bicycling still remains an active part of Ireland’s culture. With roads built throughout the country specifically for bike travel, the roads are clear for motorists to drive their vehicles and the cyclists are free to ride without fear of a vehicular accident.

With the expanse of greenery and environment, especially along Ireland’s coast, bicycling through the countryside is a great idea. Though, it may not be necessary with the latest technological advancements in transportation. There may be an airplane that can take someone directly to the place they need to go. Due to the smaller towns on the island though, a bike ride may be more practical. It really just depends on the destination.

Note: We are not associated with Ryanair Mag in any way, except that we fly it a lot and are part fans and part critics.