Eastern Expansion of Ryanair

04 Jul

With the expansion of Ryanair, more people will be delivered to their various destinations in more places. A fantastic idea, Ryanair has expanded to different parts Europe, ending with a total of 41 new routes this year. “This significant growth is an integral part of our continued expansion plans for both Bulgaria and Eastern Europe, as we connect Sofia with Europe’s key centers of business with high frequency business-friendly services,” said David O’Brien, chief commercial officer, Ryanair.

Ryanair Connects Cities

Now 1 of 3 leading airlines in Eastern Europe, Ryanair is helping connect cities and increasing traffic. New flights to Berlin, Cologne/Bonn, Milan Malpensa and Rome Ciampino, Madrid and Barcelona and Hamburg routes were also added.

Ryanair has confirmed a route from Sofia, a daily travel to Athens, as well as expansion to Birmingham, Eindhoven, Hamburg, Baden-Baden, Castellon, Glasgow, Liverpool, Memmingen, Stockholm and Venice. Ryanair will expand its network to 21 routes.

With the demand for routes through Poland further expansion is expected. More new routes include Newquay, Budapest, Birmingham, London, Copenhagen, – no competition, Malaga, Lithuania, Berlin, Schönefeld to Zadar, Malta and Pisa.

Ryanair Announced Many New Routes in Some Days

Exact flights include Athens to Bucharest, Belfast International to London Gatwick, Rome Fiumicino to Alicante, Malaga, Malta, Crotone, and Trapani.

On the 28th of March, routes became available between Porto and Copenhagen, Rome Fiumicino and Chania. The very next day, on the 29th of March, flights became available from Birmingham to Vilnius and from London Stansted to Palanga. New routes from Athens opened up to Bologna, Corfu, Mykonos, and Malta on the 30th of March.

Though April Fool’s day is a day of jokes, there is no joke about the routes Ryanair has now. As of April 1st, Barcelona connects to Marrakech, Birmingham connects to Verona, Bologna connects to Thessaloniki, Brussels connects to Bratislava, Brussels Charleroi connects to Verona as well, Madrid connects to Birmingham, and Manchester connects to Bratislava, Brindisi, and Carcassonne.

Pisa connects to Berlin-Schönefeld and Catania. Düsseldorf (Weeze) connects to Comiso in southern Sicily, Bologna connects to Vigo, and Valencia connects to Turin. All on the 1st of April.

The 2nd of April consisted of routes between London Luton (1.5 nautical miles east of the center of London) and Vilnius, Malaga to Newcastle, and Weeze to Malta. The 3rd of April brought connections between Alicante to Newquay, Berlin Schönefeld to Malta, Dublin to Vigo, Frankfurt Hahn to Newquay, Baden-Baden to Lamezia Terme, Gran Canaria to Budapest, and Manchester to Limoges. Berlin Schönefeld now connects to Zadar and Pisa connects to Sofia as of the 4th of April (OAC Schedules Analyzer Data).

The Expansion Will Promote Business and Tourism

With all of these new routes, more people can travel to more places at more times. This expansion through Eastern Europe will promote business and tourism, among other things. Now, traffic may seem like a nuisance for the most part but, in the flight sense, it is anything but. A huge congratulation to Ryanair for its latest expansion!

Note: We are not associated with Ryanair Mag in any way, except that we fly it a lot and are part fans and part critics.