Aviation Industry in Ireland Increases

03 Jul

As an island, Ireland has a need for expansion and ways to promote economic growth. Boats take time and the risk is higher than flying. Boats can overturn, be pirated, and can be expensive. They take more time than flying on an airplane does. The handbook for Ireland’s aviation even states that airplane flights are how the majority of tourists visit the island. Without aviation, Ireland would lose revenue and would be in an economic crisis.

A Brief History of the Irish Flight Industry

The first Irish plane was built by Harry George Ferguson and Joe Ferguson in the year 1909. Now, Ireland is considered the birthplace of aircraft leasing. In 1919, there was the first west to east transatlantic flight. In 1928, the first east to west transatlantic flight. But now, the aviation leasing industry in Ireland has exploded. In the late 1970’s, Tony Ryan, founder of Ryanair, leased out a Boeing and created Guinness Peat Aviation. This drew attention to the industry and people began exploring the skills necessary to become a part of it. Basically, the aviation industry completely stimulated Ireland’s economy.

Due to the peak of people educating themselves in aviation skills, the tax breaks and tax amounts, a fair legal system, and a good reputation all allowed Ireland to successfully become a major force in the aviation industry. It seems that since 1909, Ireland has built itself around airplanes and now has everything it needs to continue to have a solid pay out. Once again pointing out that Ireland is an island, this seems logical.

Success of The Industry in Ireland

The Irish Aviation Authority is highly responsible for the success of the industry in Ireland. They control Ireland airspace and regulate international law. They are the ones that keep everything aviation related running smoothly and efficiently, to the best of their abilities.

Currently, there is a 13.2 % increase in in profits from the aviation industry from last year. This may be due to the success of Ryanair and its continued expansion. They receive their money from fees towards businesses using Ireland airspace. With the increase in routes from Ryanair, more fees are paid and the economy continues.

Investments in Aviation Technology

Furthermore, investments in aviation technology has progressed the industry to a standard that is hard to compete with. With an entire country built around aviation, the advancement that takes place in Ireland will affect the world. With better planes, efficient policies, and stable businesses, the aviation industry in Ireland will continue to grow and expand.

Throughout the past century, aviation has expanded in many countries, linking Ireland to different continents. It is the basis of the country’s tourism and therefore wealth. It has grown from a single plane, built by two brothers, to an industry built specifically around the country’s people. The geographical placement of the island as well as chance led to the expansion of knowledge and adventure and profits. It took the tenacity of the two brothers, a small business, and new ideas to found what is available today, and thanks to businesses like Ryanair, Ireland’s legacy continues.